State of Nevada Veteran Employment Services, Benefits, and Additional Resources

 Veteran Hiring Program  Contact Information

The Governor recommended and the Legislature approved in 2015 the creation of a Veterans Coordinator position within the Division of Human Resource Management with the objective of developing a veteran hiring program and matching Veterans with job opportunities at the State of Nevada.

The veteran hiring program provides individual assistance to Veterans in the following ways:
• Identifies current openings and State positions that match well with the Veteran’s skills, education, and experience.
• Answers questions about state employment and its hiring processes.
• Advises and assists Veterans with completing state job applications to best represent themselves.

Additionally, program staff collaborates with non-profit organizations and local, state, and federal agencies to better connect Veterans to available resources and services throughout Nevada.

The veteran hiring program is a valuable State of Nevada resource that helps bridge the gap between military and civilian employment and this service is available for anyone who has served in the U.S Armed Forces, National Guard, or Reserves.


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