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Special Hot Jobs

The following jobs are 'special hot jobs' that you might find of interest. Click on the highlighted Job Classifications below to get the details:   



Job Classification   

Salary (FT or Rate (PT))   



 Close Date   

5417 Supervisory Personnel Analyst $58,380.48 to $87,320.16 Carson City 38 11/03/2021
643 Compliance Specialist - RN $55,958.40 to $83,394.72 Carson City 37 Until recruitment needs are satisfied
X Senior Institutional Dentist (Range B) Up to $155,863 annually Multiple 55 Until recruitment needs are satisfied
4108 Forestry Program Manager: Resource Management $61,011.36 to $91,350.00 Carson City 39 Until recruitment needs are satisfied
3266 Forensic Specialist 1 $41, 572.08 to $61, 011.36 Reno/Sparks 30 Until recruitment needs are satisfied
2194 Fire Captain $47,1880.80 to $69,739.20 Winnemucca 33 Until recruitment needs are satisfied
2817  State Land Agent 1  $45,142.56 to $66,628.08 Carson City   32 Until recruitment needs are satisfied 
3920  State Land Agent 2 $49,151.52 to  $72,871.20  Carson City  34 Until recruitment needs are satisfied 
4946     State Land Agent 2 $49,151.52 to  $72,871.20  Carson City 34 Until recruitment needs are satisfied  
N/A Executive Director Up to $131,743.00 Las Vegas N/A Until recruitment needs are satisfied  
N/A Deputy Treasurer Up to $131,743.00 Carson City or Las Vegas N/A Until recruitment needs are satisfied

Occupational Group Recruitment

The following jobs are for specific occupational groups. Click on the highlighted topics for details:

OPEN JOBS by Occupational Group Job Class Specifications Types of Jobs in Group
Agriculture & Conservation Agriculture & Related Class Specs   Plant Industry, Weights & Measures, Livestock Identification, Predator & Rodent Control, Fish & Game, Forestry, parks

Clerical & Related Services

Clerical & Related Class Specs

Administrative Support, Mail Services, Supply Maintenance, Legal Support Services, Accounts Maintenance

Domestic Services Domestic Services Class Specs Food Management, Food Preparation & Services, Laundry & Related Services, Personal & Protective Services
Education Education Class Specs Academic-Vocational-Teaching, Program & Planning
Engineering & Allied Engineering & Allied Class Specs Engineering, Earth Science, Engineering Support Services, Construction Services, Environmental & Land Use Services,  Equipment Design & Maintenance, Communication System Support
Fiscal management & Staff Services Fiscal Management & Staff Services Class Specs Financial, Business Management, Revenue Collections & Management, Purchasing & Inventory Control, Prison Industries, Prop Appraisal, Val & Acquisition, Personnel & Training, Administrative & Budget Analysis, Intern Program, Actuarial/Research/Grant Analysis, Public Information, Information Technology  
Library & Archives Library & Archives Class Specs Library Services, Archives & Records
Mechanical & Construction Trades Mechanical & Construction Trades Class Specs Road Construction & Maintenance, Equipment Operations, Equip Management, Maintenance & Repair, Aviation, Skilled Trades and Allied, Semi-Skilled General Labor, Agricultural/Animal Research & Prod, Facility & Grounds Management, Building & Grounds Maintenance, Graphics, Printing & Reproduction
Medical, Health & Related Services Medical Health & Social Science Class Specs Psychiatric, Psychology & Social Science, Health Related Services, Public Health Dental, Veterinary Services, Institutional Nursing, Public Health Nursing, Health & Support Services, Hospital Inspection, Allied Therapies, Laboratory Services
Regulatory & Public Safety Regulatory & Public Safety Class Specs Law Enforcement Support Services, Investigation & Inspections, Licensing & Regulations,  Safety Inspections, Emergency Management
Social Services & Rehabilitation Social Services & Rehabilitation Class Specsw Employment Security Claims Examination & Placement, Social Services, Rehabilitation, Group Institutional Supervision & Correction for Adults & Juvenile, Correctional Classification & Identification, Parole & Probation  
Sworn Law Enforcement Officers Sworn Law Enforcement Class Specs All Law Enforcement
Unclassified/Non-Classified Unclassified/Non-Classified Class Specs Miscellaneous Unclassified positions
Other Job Opportunities Other Job Opportunities Class Specs Miscellaneous Job Opportunities

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