FAQs - Applications

How do I apply for jobs?
First, you must register with the system and create an account. Next, complete your Applicant Profile and then search through the posted jobs. To begin the application process, click the Apply button at the bottom of the job announcement. For more information & instructions, please visit this link Online Application Instructions or this one at Search and Apply_Application 1

    Where can I find the online application?
    The online application consists of the information stored in your applicant profile. The information becomes the official “application”, once you view a job announcement, click Apply and then click the Submit button on the Signature tab.

      I don’t have a computer. How do I apply?
      If you do not have a computer at home, you could try to utilize a computer with an Internet connection at a local library or community center. The Division of Human Resource Management has computers available in our reception area as well. If none of these are available to you, please call the front desk at 775-684-0150 or 702-486-2900 to request a hard-copy application.

        Isn’t the Applicant Profile and an application the same thing? What’s the difference?
        No. The Applicant Profile is where you can store information about your education, experience, training and other data. This placeholder allows you to enter all of your information once, and not have to “re-invent the wheel” each time you want to apply. (Of course the profile will need updated when you gain more experience, if your contact information changes, etc.) The information then becomes an application for a recruiter to review when you have clicked “Apply” for a particular job announcement and then click the Submit button on the signature tab.

          What are the pre-screening questions? Can I edit my answers after I successfully pass?
          The pre-screening questions are a tool to gauge whether or not an applicant possesses the necessary requirements for a position. If the person does have the requirements, they are allowed to proceed forward and a recruiter will verify the possessions of the requirements. Users cannot edit the answers to prescreening questions after they have successfully passed.

            What is the deadline for applications to be received?
            The job announcement will specify the duration of the filing period. Some may have a definite closing date (two weeks or 14 days, etc.) whereas others may be open until recruitment needs are satisfied (URS). URS recruitments can close at any time without prior notice. When a URS recruitment is set to close, a date will typically be posted. In either case, an application must be submitted before 5:00 PM on the closing date to receive consideration.

              How do I find out the status of my application?
              The Applicant Home page will list all of the applications you have begun or have already submitted. The grid that is displayed has a column titled “Status” which displays the status of your application. When a user places the mouse over the status, some text will appear and provide a definition. Some of the statuses and their meaning include:

              • Application Incomplete – application is incomplete and must be updated and then resubmitted. In this case, the applicant may not have filled out the applicant profile correctly, or forgot to attach a required document.
              • Clarifying Information Required – application is waiting for resubmission by applicant so they can provide clarifying information. When an application is in this status, a text box titled “Addendum” is located at the bottom of the application where the requested information can be typed. (Typically, the recruiter specifies what information is required in the system-generated email.)
              • Closed/Resubmit – this status is used when the recruitment has closed and the application needs to be resubmitted.
              • Denied: Failed Pre-Screening – applicant did not pass the prescreening questions.
              • Denied: Did Not Meet Minimum Qualifications – After a full evaluation, the application did not meet the minimum qualifications or requirements.
              • Denied: Did Not Meet Additional Criteria – the applicant has been deemed to not meet one of the additional requirements outside of the minimum qualifications for the position.
              • Draft/Application Not Submitted – application that has been started but not finished. This is not an official application because the user has not gone to the Signature tab and clicked the Submit button, which serves as the electronic signature.
              • Eligible – applicant is eligible to be considered for the position
              • Hired – selected for the position
              • Pending Verification – waiting for application to be fully evaluated by recruiter
              • Verified – recruiter has verified possession the minimum qualifications and/or additional requirements. If an exam is required, the person will be scheduled for an exam.
              • Withdrawn – application has been withdrawn from consideration by the applicant. (This may be used by the recruiter in certain circumstances.)

              Also, when the status of the application is updated, the system automatically generates an email indicating the status has changed and may include comments from the recruiter. Please check the Applicant Home page for status updates and watch for these emails.

                The status of my application is Draft. When will I hear if my application is being considered?
                If the status of the application is “Draft”, it means the application is incomplete and has not been submitted; and thus will not be reviewed. To submit it, click on the application and go to the Signature Tab. Once there, click the Submit button and ensure the status of the Application is now “Pending Verification” on the Applicant Home Page.

                  My application has been reviewed and is at a status of Verified. What is the next step?
                  Once an application has been verified, (which means a recruiter has examined it and determined it meets all of the posted qualification requirements) the applicant is then scheduled for testing, then the tests are scored and notifications are sent. At that point, if the applicant successfully passes all phases of the exam, the status of the application will be set at “Eligible” meaning the person is placed on an eligible list, which is sent to the hiring agency. (If there is no formal exam, the status of the application will become “Eligible” at the appropriate time.)

                    How long will it take before my application gets evaluated?
                    The time it takes to evaluate an application can vary and depends on several factors including, but not limited to: application volume, recruitment type, recruiter workload, etc. We make every attempt to evaluate applications in a timely manner.

                      Do I need to attach a resume and cover letter?
                      No, for the most part. For most state positions, a resume and cover letter is not necessary during the application process with the Division of Human Resource Management. Hiring agencies may ask for these materials at the time of interview. However, some university positions require resumes and cover letters at the time of the initial application. Please pay attention to the job announcement for these instructions.

                        How do I know my application has been submitted?
                        When the application has been submitted, the user will receive an email (if a valid address was provided) stating the application has been received. Another indicator that the application was received is that the status changes to “Pending Verification” on the Applicant Home Page.

                          Can I edit my application once I submit it?
                          No. Before you submit an application, please ensure all of the information in your profile is updated, thorough and complete. If you withdraw the application or the recruiter sets it at certain statuses, you can then update the information in the profile. If you resubmit the application (which must be before the closing date), it will contain the updated/revised information.

                            How often should I update my profile?
                            Your profile should be updated when you have gained additional experience, training, education, or when your contact information changes. It is a good idea to check your profile for accuracy before submitting an application.

                              Will changes I make to the profile affect my prior applications?
                              No. The information that appears in the application is a snapshot of what was in the profile at the time of submission. (The only exception to this is when the Contact Information changes. Any updates to his data will be indicated on the application.)

                                Can I delete an old application?
                                At the present time, a user can only delete an application in a status of “Draft”.

                                  I submitted an application for the same job title 6 months ago, and now I see another recruitment posted on the website. Do I need to apply again?
                                  Yes. It is in your best interest to apply for all those jobs you are interested in and feel you may qualify for.

                                    An onscreen message said I “am not eligible to apply for this recruitment.” What does this mean?
                                    If you have received this message, you have probably attempted to apply for a recruitment that is open only to current state employees (possibly within only a certain division or department.) If you are a current employee of the state (with the requisite 6 months service time) check the job announcement to verify whom the recruitment is open to and what the listed Department and Division is. If you are eligible to apply, ensure your profile (on the Contact Information tab) indicates you are a current state employee and that the Department and Division fields are correct. Once you have done so, please try to apply again.

                                      I tried to submit an application and I get an error message that states, “Your submission contains errors. Affected tabs are marked with a red flag icon. Please review and correct any error and resubmit” What do I do now?
                                      The error messages are usually displayed in the color Red and typically indicate what the problem is & how to correct it. Often times, the most common reasons why this message would occur is if the information on the Availability tab of the Applicant Profile does not match up with the specifications on the job announcement. These include your checked preferences for geographic location (specific cities), work type (full-time, part-time or intermittent), and/or travel preferences.

                                        What should I list in my Employment History? How far back should I go?
                                        Applicants should list their entire relevant work history and go back as far as practical. Listing your entire background gives recruiters and agency staff a complete picture of your education and experience.

                                          What does the Withdraw/Delete link under the Action column in the Applications section of my Applicant Home page mean?
                                          On the Applicant Home page, there is heading titled “Applications” which lists all applications you have submitted. One of the columns in this table is titled “Action”. The actions available in this column are Withdraw or Delete. The Delete option is available when the incomplete application is in Draft status and should be used if you wish to delete it. The Withdraw option is available to use after you have officially submitted an application and should be used if you no longer are interested in the position.

                                            What should I list in the Education/Training tab?
                                            On the Education portion list any college degrees you possess. In the portion labeled Training, list relevant college courses or other formal training classes you’ve had that relate to the qualification requirements.

                                              Can I print a hard copy of my application or my profile?
                                              Yes. When you are viewing the application or the profile, use the button titled “Print” at the bottom of the screen to view an Adobe .pdf version of the application. (Adobe Reader software must be installed on your PC to view the files.)

                                                Why do the job duties have to add up to 100%?
                                                Job duties need to add up to 100% so the recruiter can accurately estimate and give credit for all, or a certain percentage, of the actual duties for a specific job.

                                                  I get a message stating “Employment Dates Overlap” on the Employment history tab of my application profile. Should I be concerned?
                                                  No. This indicator is present to let you know that dates overlaps in case it may be a data entry error. We recognize that some people work multiple jobs in which the dates of employment will overlap. If you do get this message, please review the dates of employment (and hours worked per week) to ensure they are correct.

                                                    The “From” and “To” dates on the Employment Item page give me problems. How do I correct these?
                                                    The most likely problem is the format. Dates must be entered in using the mm/yyyy format, not mm-yyyy. Also, be sure to select the radio button titled “Yes” if you are currently employed at the position and leave the “To:” date blank.


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