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Thank you for your interest in a career with the State of Nevada. As Nevada's largest employer, the State provides unique and challenging work as well as the opportunity to grow and advance while servicing your fellow citizens.

    There are various employment possibilities with the State of Nevada, including classified employment, unclassified positions as well as internships. Classified positions are covered by civil service regulations, unclassified opportunities are typically specialized or upper management positions, and internships are arrangements of work experience for students in exchange for college credit.

      There are several ways for you to search and apply for State of Nevada jobs. The majority of job openings are classified positions and can be found listed in the State of Nevada's online recruiting system, Nevada Applicant Processing & Placement System (NVAPPS).

        In addition, unclassified job recruitments can be accessed by clicking the "Unclassified Announcements" link.

          Administrative, professional, faculty or student job listings with the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) are posted on the respective schools' websites.

            You are strongly encouraged to view each menu item to ensure you are aware of all the employment opportunities available to you.

                If you need to learn how to apply for a job, click here.

                  700-Hour Program

                  The 700 Hour Program allows agencies to offer temporary limited appointments to persons with disabilities.

                    In order to assist persons with disabilities certified by the Rehabilitation Division of the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, appointing authorities are encouraged and authorized to make temporary limited appointments of certified persons with disabilities for a period not to exceed 700 hours notwithstanding that the positions so filled are continuing positions. A person with a disability who is certified by the Rehabilitation Division must be placed on the appropriate list for which the person is eligible. Each such person mush possess the training and experience necessary for the position for which the person is certified.

                      When an individual's name is placed on the eligible list as a 700 hour candidate, agencies may interview and hire him/her on a temporary limited appointment of 700 hours. At the end of this appointment, if the applicant's performance is satisfactory, he/she may continue in the position as a regular probationary employee with 700 hours counting towards their probationary period.