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Where can I find information on certain screens? Is there a help system available?
Yes, there is an online help system in NVAPPS. In the upper right hand corner of the screen, a Page Help link is available. If you click on that link a window will open with content that should provide you with information regarding the screen you are currently viewing.

    When are job announcements posted?

    Job announcements are posted on a daily basis.

      What do I need to pay attention to on the job announcement?
      Please read the entire job announcement prior to submitting an application. There are important bits of information, such as whom the recruitment is open to, where the position is located, what department/division it works in, as well as a description of the minimum qualifications and testing requirements. If, after reading the announcement, you have further questions, please contact the recruiter at the email address or phone number listed.

        What are the benefits of state employment?
        For some information on the benefits of state employment, visit this page: http://nvjobs.nv.gov/Applicants/EB

          Do I have to check the website everyday?
          To see the most recent job postings and to ensure that you do not miss an opportunity, we recommend you visit the web site often as positions are posted on a daily basis. There is also functionality that allows a user to save a job search and select to receive notifications via email when there are new postings that match the search criteria. (You must be logged in and execute a search to see this option at the bottom of the page.) This feature can save time and effort when looking for openings.

            I’m a Veteran. What do I need to do in terms of my DD-214?
            If you are a veteran, disabled veteran, or the widow of a veteran, be sure to check the appropriate boxes on the “Other Information” tab in the applicant profile. Also, be sure to attach the DD-214 (or other documentation) to the Attachments tab so that your status can be verified and bonus points awarded if applicable. If you do not have electronic copies of these documents, please mail them to the address listed on the job announcement or present them at the time of the examination.

              I see a side menu titled “Browse Recruitments by Occupational Group” What is an occupational group?
              An occupational group is a high level categorization that separates large groups of positions that have similar or related job functions. The occupational groups are defined in NRS 284.171.

                What if I don’t have an email address?
                To register an account, an email address is required. If you do not have an email address, we encourage you to get one from one of the numerous free email providers (Hotmail, Yahoo!, Google, etc.). Having a valid email address will allow you to receive timely updates regarding the status of your application and allow you to take advantage of the Saved Job Search feature.

                  How do I know if I am eligible to apply for a specific recruitment?
                  The job announcement will state who is allowed to apply for a specific recruitment. This is typically on the left hand side of the job announcement. Users can also ascertain whom an announcement is open to on the job search results page. The “Open To” column displays the recruitment type (which are defined below). To explain this further, there are two basic types of categories. Open Competitive and Promotional recruitment(s). Promotional recruitments are only open to current classified state employees with 6 months of service time, whereas Open Competitive means the general public is allowed to apply. (Sometimes recruitments can be a combination of both.) Here is a breakdown of the various types:

                  • Divisional Promotional – Open only to persons who currently work in the specified Division.
                  • Departmental Promotional – Open only to persons who currently work in the specified Department.
                  • Statewide Promotional – Open only to persons who currently work in the classified service of any Department in the executive branch.
                  • Divisional/Department Promotional – Open only to persons who currently work in the specified Division & Department. If the list is ranked, successful applicants in the specified Division are given priority, followed by Departmental applicants.
                  • Divisional/Department/Statewide Promotional – Open only to persons who currently work in the classified service of any Department, however the list will be certified in the priority order with Divisional candidates first; followed by Departmental then Statewide ones.
                  • Open Competitive – Open to all persons. If the list is ranked, names are certified in rank order according to exam scores.
                  • Divisional/Department/Statewide/Open Competitive – Open to all persons, however the names are certified in the order or priority from divisional candidates first to open competitive applicants at the end.

                    I am not receiving any email notification/updates from the system.
                    Please check to verify that the email address you provided on the Contact Information tab is typed correctly. If it is, ensure that the email service you utilize isn’t identifying the email as Junk or Spam. Add NEATS_Applicant@dop.nv.gov to your allowed senders list if necessary

                      How do I add an attachment? When do I need to add one?
                      You can add attachments at two points depending on the purpose. In the Applicant Profile, there is a tab titled Attachments where there are tools to browse for, then select a file to attach to the profile. (You can also delete an attachment.) The appropriate items to attach here are things you want to submit with every application (such as transcripts, copies of DD-214’s, professional licenses, etc.) Users can also attach items when they go to apply for a specific job. After the pre-screening questions, there are a series of tabs (including the signature tab), one of which is titled Attachments. Here is where you can attach items you just want to place with this specific job application. This would be the spot to place a resume and cover letter for certain university system positions, or unique items requested/pertinent to that particular job.

                        I used the Back button in my web browser to edit/view a prior page. Now, some information is not saved correctly or the page doesn’t appear to function. What happened?
                        The system was designed with in-page controls & buttons that are to be used to for navigation purposes. Using the browser buttons (like Forward or Back) can cause problems, so it is recommended you utilize the in-page buttons to navigate back and forth.

                          My question is not listed here in the FAQ’s. Who do I contact for help?
                          If your question is not answered here, please use the available online Help system, which can be found by clicking on the “Page Help” link in the upper right hand corner of the screen. (Please note this is not the same as any help button on your web browser.) If you cannot locate helpful information there, you can direct your inquiries to one of two avenues. You can contact the recruiter listed on the job announcement for procedural/process questions; or the ITS Help Desk at 775-687-9099 or 1-866-NVNEATS for technical problems.